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Tips to Shop from US-Only Clearance Sales Online from a Different Country

Did you know that many online stores have clearance sales and they are accessible only to US shoppers? Yes, you read it right. But using a package forwarding service you can access these sales and shop at amazing discounts.  

When you check a website, it can detect your location and country. This is how websites and online stores direct customers to country-specific versions of their websites. Now you must be thinking about how to shop from US-only clearance sales online from a different country? Relax! Here is an article with tips you can follow to shop from US-only sales. 


How to check US-only clearance sales online?  

Most of the package forwarding users know that in order to see the US prices of products, you need to make sure to visit the US version of the e-commerce website. If you use the version targeted for your country, you may see a change in the prices. Moreover, while shopping from a US website, the best prices may be hidden from you if you are shopping from another country. So, what to do in such a situation? Here is the solution.  

Get Access to US-Only Clearance Sales Online 

In order to see the US version and prices of a website, you need to trick the website into believing that you are visiting from the US. You can use Proxify to hide your location from the online store and can view the prices they are hiding from international shoppers.  

Now enter the URL of the online store into Proxify and then choose a US location using the Proxify Satellite. That’s it. Now you are shopping online with a US location. 

Shop Your Favorite Product 

Once you change your location, you can shop from the US-only clearance sales. Choose all your favorite products and shop them at an amazing discount. You can make amazing savings by shopping from these sales. 

International Shipping 

After getting access to US-only clearance sales and shopping, the next question is how you will ship the products to your doorstep? Even though you can see the amazing deals, if you try to check out with your international shipping address, the store will not ship the item overseas.  

So, what is the solution? This is where My Package Forwarder comes into the picture. Get a tax-free package forwarding address from My Package Forwarder and continue your shopping. 

Shop from US-Only Clearance Sales Online with My Package Forwarder 

On some US websites, the US-only clearance sales are available to US shoppers and not to international shoppers. You can use Proxify to shop from these websites at a great discount. Get these parcels to your doorstep using the package forwarding service of My Package Forwarder. Feel free to contact us to know more about our services.

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