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Shipping online purchases from the US is easy and affordable using MPF

In-house Services

Condense Box

Packages are often too big for the product, leading to added shipping rates. When choosing us as your package forwarding partner, we offer to condense the box, saving additional shipping costs.

Gift wrap

Giving is the ultimate experience, and if the purchased items are a gift, we are happy to warp them for you. We have numerous options, and to know more, contact us to learn more about the available options.

Safety Wrap

Safety is our priority, and when shipping delicate items, we take the necessary measure to keep your products safe. We have several safety wrap options to ensure orders arrive in one piece.

Express Handling

If a package is expected in a hurry, we can speed up the pre-shipping process. For a package to be processed quickly, we have express handling services to speed up the entire process.

Remove Invoice

Intentions are more important than pricing. If you want the invoice removed, we do it. We can send it separately via mail or make it disappear altogether — the choice is yours.

Eco shipping service

Are you worried about our planet like how we are? You can opt for our Eco shipping services. Our packaging and shipping materials are biodegradable, meaning they can be recycled and reused. Saving the environment is no more a choice, and we all have a role to play.

Request photos of your package

It is always a good choice to double-check that the correct parcel is received and forwarded by My Package Forwarder. You can do this with our photo service. All you need to do is request for the photos and we will send it over via mail.

Free Space

Once we receive your product, it will be stored at our warehouse for free for a period of 30 days. You can make the payment for the product at any time during these 30 days and avoid any extra storage charges.

Paid Space

After 30 days of free storage period is over and you haven’t made the payment yet, we will charge $1/day for your package as storage charges for the period of next 30 days (a total of 60 days). Make sure you make the payment during the free storage period to avoid these charges.

Dispose Package

If you fail to make the payment for your package even after 30 days of free storage and the next 30 days of paid storage (a total of 60 days), then we will be forced to dispose of your product entirely as we will not be able to store it any longer.

Package Forwarding You Can Trust

Choosing our package forwarding services is easy. We are dedicated and go to any means to ensure that your package is safely stored and delivered.

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Items we do not ship


Guns & Ammunition



Hemp Items

E-cigarettes / Tobacco products

Narcotics / Controlled Substances

Lighter / Lighter fluids

Aerosol Cans

Prescription Medication


we do not ship the items listed above

Owing to laws in varying countries, we have a list of items that we do not ship. Please note that the laws are constantly changing.

The items listed above fall under the ‘DO NOT SHIP CATEGORY’. For more details, you can refer to our ‘Do Not Ship’ section on our FAQ page.