How it works

Shopping from the US? Using our services is easy.
Here are the simple steps involved in using My Package Forwarder

How does MPF work?

Create an account and get a shipping address

Creating an account with My Package Forwarder is free. Once you sign up, you get a dedicated storage address for free to store the packages that arrive.

Shop online and send the package to us

Shop from popular American brands or any store in the US. When checking out, choose our address allocated with your account.

Consolidation & optional services

Choose additional services to save costs or know more about your product. We can consolidate multiple boxes into one to save money, gift wrap items, send you pictures, and much more.

Choose your carrier & ship

My Package Forwarder is associated with leading shipping services in the USA. Choose a shipping method and delivery partner that suits your need the best and proceed.

Receive your package in hands

The last step is for you to receive the package. As soon as you choose to ship, we will send you a tracking code to keep an eye on your parcel throughout its journey. Once you receive your package, do leave us a Google review, we’d love that!

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