Shopping from the USA and shipping to India ​

Wondering how to shop from the USA and ship products to India? Here is the hassle-free process involved for package forwarding services from USA to India

Shopping from the USA usually involves several processes, and the most tedious being the customs. This has made people from India stick to local brands, often sacrificing quality. So if you are from India and want to buy American brands from the USA, how do you do it? We explain the process of package forwarding services from USA to India.

Create an account

Before forwarding a package from the USA to India, you need to visit Create a free account, and once you sign up, you get a free US postal address dedicated to you.

Shop with any US brands of your choice
Shop with any US brand of your choice and during checkout, fill in your dedicated US address provided by My Package Forwarder. Your products will be delivered to us, and as soon as we get them, we notify you.

Additional services

Once you receive the notification that we have your package, you can opt for one or multiple additional services we offer. You can choose to consolidate multiple products into one package, choose to gift wrap them, remove the price label, or pick our express handling service if you want the package shipped in a hurry.

Choose shipping carrier and ship

The next step involves you picking the carrier service of your choice. My Package Forwarder has ties with leading shipping carriers like FedEx, DHL, UPS, and more. Once you have decided on the shipping partner, we ship the package to you.

Package forwarding service from the USA to India depends purely on the shipping carrier you pick, and the timeframe for delivery is between 4 to 10 working days. As soon you finalize your shipping partner, we send you an email with a tracking code, and the same is visible on your dashboard with My Package Forwarder.

Items we do not ship

Package forwarding services from the US to India have certain restrictions governed by the law. You need to be aware of them. Additionally, My Package Forwarder does not ship certain items:

For a complete list of items that we do not ship, refer to our ‘Items we do not ship’ section on our FAQ page.

Why should you choose My Package Forwarder’s package forwarding services to ship from USA to India?

For starters, many brands do not ship directly to India. And even if they claim that they do ship, customs is another hurdle — if the goods are stuck at customs, the brands do not take responsibility, and shoppers lose money.

Also, if a brand does agree to ship, you need to think about the charges, time frame, and a host of other hurdles. With My Package Forwarder, all these are taken care of, and the prices we offer are unbeatable compared to anyone else in North America.

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