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Ship from the USA to China | International Package Forwarding Services

The recent e-commerce boom has opened the gateway for businesses to sell globally. However, there are still some barriers, as some US brands that sell online do not ship to specific countries, owing to one or more reasons, and the most significant factor being cost.   

So, what if you’re in China and want to shop from a famous US brand, but that particular company does not ship from the USA to China? You will need a third-party package forwarding service, such as My Package Forwarder.   


How to ship from the USA to China 

When choosing to shop in the USA from China using My Package Forwarder, you need to follow these simple steps.   

  • Create an account   

Before forwarding a package from the USA to China, you need to visit Create a free account, and once you sign up, you get a free US postal address dedicated to you.    

  • Shop with any US brands of your choice   

Shop with any US brand of your choice and during checkout, fill in your dedicated US address provided by My Package Forwarder. Your products will be delivered to us, and as soon as we get them, we notify you.    

  • Additional services   

Once you receive the notification that we have your package, you can opt for one or multiple additional services we offer. You can choose to consolidate multiple products into one package, choose to gift wrap them, remove the price label, or pick our express handling service if you want the package shipped in a hurry.                                             

  • Choose shipping carrier and ship   

The next step involves you picking the carrier service of your choice. My Package Forwarder has ties with leading shipping carriers like FedEx, DHL, UPS, and more. Once you have decided on the shipping partner, we ship the package to you.    

How to ship to nearly EVERY location in China  

Take advantage of our valuable partnerships with the world’s best shipping couriers namely:  

  • FedEx  
  • UPS  
  • USPS  
  • DHL  

With this you are almost guaranteed that we can deliver your US shipment directly to your doorstep in China absolutely hassle-free.  

Have you got any questions? Drop a mail to our customer service department on [email protected] who’ll be more than happy to help you out!  

How much does My package Forwarder charge for shipping from the USA to China?  

How much My Package Forwarder charges to ship from the USA to China depends on the size of the product, weight, and shipping speed. To get accurate pricing for shipments from the USA to China, visit My Package Forwarder’s shipping calculator and enter the details of the product.  

Value-added services My Package Forwarder offers to ship from the USA to China   

  • Package consolidation  
  • Giftwrap  
  • Safety wrap  
  • Express handling  
  • Remove invoice  
  • Free storage  

For more details, you can visit My Package Forwarder’s services section.   

Why is My Package Forwarder’s service fast and reliable to ship from the USA to China?  

When shipping from the USA to China, no competitor can be faster, or more reliable than My package Forwarder. With years of experience in the e-commerce industry and fulfillment business, My Package Forwarder has shipped retail and wholesale to every country in the world.   

Moreover, with such a business, shipping carriers usually pass on discounts to us, which in turn, are passed on to end customers. Our rates are unmatched compared to any package forwarding service in North America.     

Items we do not ship from the US to China  

Our package forwarding service lets you ship a huge range of products. However, there are some items that we do not ship due to customs laws and airlines or delivery company restrictions. In general, according to the China Country Commercial Guide, there are certain items you cannot ship to China and to know about these items, check out the list of China – Prohibited Imports.   

Apart from these, we have a list of items that will not be shipped from the USA to any country. To know more, you can read the list of products My Package Forwarder does not ship here

Disclaimer: We recommend you check your country’s prohibited goods list (easily available online) to have a consolidated list of items that cannot be shipped to your country.   

Please Note: It is your responsivity to check the list of prohibited items for your country diligently. My Package Forwarder will not be responsible for any complications that may arise later in regards to this.   

Start shopping in the USA   

Now that you know the shipping process in detail, what’s keeping you from shopping from the USA? All you have to do is register with My Package Forwarder and start shopping in the USA, while we ship from the USA to China.    

Feel The MPF Advantage  

So, why choose us as your package forwarding partner?  

  • Completely secured warehouses  
  • Package repackaging to reduce shipping costs  
  • Package Consolidation services   
  • Free shipment storage for up to 30 days  
  • Array of amazing Value-Added Services  
  • Sales Tax FREE Package Forwarding  

Shipping From the USA to China FAQs

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