How to Prevent Online Shopping Scams: Effective Tips and Tricks

In the modern-day internet era, it is seamless and simple to visit international online stores, browse through a wide range of goods, and purchase products of your choice. But the ease comes with bigger challenges. One of the biggest issues of online shopping is the security fraud related to it and the major question is how to prevent online shopping scams.  

The ease of using the internet and accessibility has made it easy for a scammer to commit online fraud. Cybercrimes are increasing at a rapid pace. Therefore, it is important to protect ourselves against these occurrences. Here is an article with tips on avoiding online shopping fraud to help you have a safe online shopping experience. 

What is online shopping fraud?  

Before understanding how to prevent online shopping scams, it is better to have a look at what online shopping fraud is.  

Usually, fraud is a form of deception that is criminally illegal. In this, a person uses unfair measures to gain something personally or financially. In online shopping fraud, an organization or a person deceives people through digital payment methods or the purchase conducted over the internet.  

Different types of online shopping fraud include identity theft, phishing, false e-commerce sites, pagejacking, and more. Understanding tips and tricks to avoid these scams can help have a good and secure shopping experience.  

How to Avoid Online Shopping Scams 

Online shopping fraud can happen with anyone, and the chances are even higher when shopping internationally. Therefore, it is better to stay alert when shopping online. Below mentioned are some tips to avoid online shopping scams.  

Double Check the Shopping Website 

One of the biggest tips to follow to avoid online shopping scams is to check that the shopping website from where you are planning to shop is legitimate. Make sure to shop from a website with a registered domain. It can help you decide if the website is credible.  

Another way to check the authenticity of a website is to check the online customer reviews. Google has many reviews for different companies. Checking the reviews is an effective way to check the credibility of a website and business. 

Read the Fine Lines 

If you are still not sure about the website, then read all the fine lines thoroughly. Make sure to understand their return policy, shipping policies, privacy policy, and how refunds are processed properly. Some scammers usually hide the details where customers do not look typically.  

Carefully Share the Sensitive Information 

In order to avoid getting your credit card information and other private information stolen, ensure that the connection between the website and you are encrypted. If the website has “https” in the domain and has an authentic SSL certificate, it means it is safe to share information. Be extra careful with your Social Security Number. If you are buying a simple product then you would not require your social security number.  

Make Sure You Can Easily Contact them 

If you are unsure about the authenticity and legitimacy of a shopping website, try to contact them. Go to their contact page and check if you can reach a real person. If the website does not have a legit physical address, email address, or contact number then you should avoid buying from them.  

Get the Tracking Number of Your Parcel 

If everything about the website seems alright and you decide to purchase a product then make sure to get a tracking number. It will help you to monitor your parcel while it is in transit. It helps to ensure the safe arrival of a package.  

If you are shopping internationally, then make sure to choose a reliable shipping or package forwarding partner. At My Package Forwarder, we ensure the safe packaging and shipping of your parcel. We also provide the tracking number so that you can keep an eye on your parcel.  

Pay Using a Secured Payment Method 

When it comes to prevent online shopping scam, secure payment is a must. While making payment, make sure to pay on a secured page. Moreover, use credit card to make the payment as you may be able to get back the money in case of fraud. Say no to direct money transfers like MoneyGram or Western Union.   

Under the Umbrella 

It is exciting to place an order online while sitting comfortably on your couch. However, the experience can be devastating if a fake seller or scammer takes away your money. In this regard, understanding how to prevent online shopping scams can be helpful for safe and secure shopping. You can avoid getting scammed and all you need to do is make sure to perform basic checks. Moreover, ensure to choose the right package forwarding or shipping partner.  

At My Package Forwarder, we offer the best package forwarding and shipping services. So, make your shopping secure and safe with us. Feel free to contact us to know more about our services.

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