tips to choose the best package forwarding service

How to Choose the Best Package Forwarding Service? 

If you search on Google about the package forwarding services, you will be bombarded with a huge range of options. Looking at all the options, the first question that comes to mind is how to choose the best package forwarding service?  

The global market of package forwarding is growing rapidly. According to a report published by Statista, in 2020 the global freight forwarding market amounted to around 161 billion euros and is expected to grow to 207 billion euros by 2025.  It means there are many new entrants in the market offering package forwarding services, making it difficult to find the best ones. Here you will get insights into the factors that you need to consider when choosing the best package forwarding services.  

Types of Products You Want to Ship

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing the package forwarding service is the products that you want to ship. When looking for packaging and shipping services, carefully check the sizes, weights, and shapes of the parcels they handle. It will help you to decide whether the service provider is right for your parcels or not.  

Different companies follow different policies related to parcel forwarding. Moreover, companies are also specific with the parcels they ship and the ones they do not ship. So, make sure to check their policies before choosing the company. 

My Package Forwarder is the best when it comes to shipping different types of parcels. We ship almost all the products except the ones that can be hazardous. Check the types of products we do not ship to be extra sure about our services.  

Check the Shipping Rates 

The cost of the shipment is an essential factor that will help to choose the service provider. Different service providers offer different prices according to the dimensions of the parcels. At My Package Forwarder, our main aim is to make shopping easy and accessible for our customers. Therefore, we offer the best prices. Moreover, we have a cost calculator on our website that can help you to find out the estimated shipping price.  

Check the Services Offered 

Every industry has a specific set of requirements for international shopping. When choosing the parcel forwarding service, ensure that it offers all services you need. The more services a company offers, the smoother is the process of package forwarding. Make sure to check for the below-mentioned services when choosing a company.  

  • Tracking services 
  • Package consolidation 
  • Preparation of transportation documents 
  • Customs clearance 
  • Carrier options 

Reliable Tracking Services

Once your parcel is shipped, you will want to track it. And, what if your chosen service provider does not offer tracking service? It can be really annoying. Therefore, it is better to opt for a service provider which offers tracking services. It allows you to track your parcel until it reaches your doorstep.  

When you choose My Package Forwarder, we provide you a tracking code to keep an eye on your parcel throughout its journey.  

Worldwide Services

When choosing a parcel forwarding service, opt for the one with global agents. The way your parcels are handled and managed from the source to the target destination depends on the parcel forwarder. International delivery requires a lot of logistics, and therefore, it is important to choose a company with an amazing network of global agents.  

Delivery Time

A good package forwarding company is one that keeps its words and sticks to its promises on matters related to delivery schedules. Make sure to choose a company that is responsible enough to assure on-time delivery of parcels to the target destination.  

In most cases, companies provide you an estimated delivery time, and your products are delivered within that time period. At My Package Forwarder, we understand the importance of on-time delivery. Therefore, we ensure to deliver the parcels on the determined time for a hassle-free shopping experience.  

Industry Experience

When it comes to international package forwarding, experience matters a lot. The expertise of the company in the forwarding industry determines how it can handle warehousing, customs, port shutdowns, cargo reroutes, and dock worker strikes.  

These potential issues often occur in international shipping. If a company has adequate experience, it can easily handle these issues. 

Customer Services

Just like any other industry, customer service is an essential part of the forwarding industry also. Choose a company that offers top-notch customer service round the clock. Good customer service is important, especially when it comes to shopping from US stores.  

Excellent customer service can help you clear all your doubts and any issues you face during the package forwarding process. The lines of communication of the selected company should be open 24*7, and their level of responsiveness should be courteous.  


When it comes to package shipment, there is no guarantee that your products will reach in good condition or at the right destination. No matter what type of product you want to ship, it is recommended to choose a service provider that offers damage insurance. Knowing that your goods are covered in case of anything wrong allows you to have peace of mind.  

Enjoy Shopping with My Package Forwarder for a Hassle-Free Experience 

Choosing a parcel forwarding service can be a daunting task. Whether you are a veteran or newbie to the forwarding industry, make sure to choose a reliable package forwarding company. Do not forget to check their experience and expertise in the forwarding industry.  

At My Package Forwarder, we offer the best forwarding services for shoppers who want to shop from US online stores. We have the best customer service and expertise in the industry. If you have any queries, feel free to contact us.  

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