Helpie FAQ

  • What is My Package Forwarder?
    My Package Forwarder provides international shoppers with a US shipping address that can be used to place orders from any store in the US. The stores deliver your orders to  My Package Forwarder’s address, and we ship them to you. It helps you to save shipping costs, making international shopping easy and affordable.
  • What is the aim of My Package Forwarder?
    The primary goal of My Package Forwarder is to make e-commerce accessible to any location across the globe. We assure you affordable shipping costs as per your choice of carrier, shipping, and time.
  • What makes My Package Forwarder the best solution on the market?
    My Package Forwarder has the best resource, experience, and dedicated team to make e-commerce accessible to everyone. With our experience in logistics, we make shipping from the US consistently fast, affordable, and reliable. 
  • What do I need to do to receive my first package?
    • Create an account on My Package Forwarder and get your shipping address
      • Shop online from your favorite store and get the package delivered to the address we provide
      • Choose your preferred carrier and shipping service based on your needs and budget and proceed
      • Get your package delivered anywhere in this globe
  • How can I estimate shipping costs?
    You can estimate the shipping cost by using our cost calculator. All you need to do is enter the required details, including the shipping country, city, package details, delivery speed, and you will get the estimated cost.