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Tips to Shop from US-Only Clearance Sales Online from a Different Country

US-only clearance sales online

Did you know that many online stores have clearance sales and they are accessible only to US shoppers? Yes, you read it right. But using a package forwarding service you can access these sales and shop at amazing discounts.  

When you check a website, it can detect your location and country. This is how websites and online stores direct customers to country-specific versions of their websites. Now you must be thinking about how to shop from US-only clearance sales online from a different country? Relax! Here is an article with tips you can follow to shop from US-only sales. 


How to check US-only clearance sales online?  

Most of the package forwarding users know that in order to see the US prices of products, you need to make sure to visit the US version of the e-commerce website. If you use the version targeted for your country, you may see a change in the prices. Moreover, while shopping from a US website, the best prices may be hidden from you if you are shopping from another country. So, what to do in such a situation? Here is the solution.  

Get Access to US-Only Clearance Sales Online 

In order to see the US version and prices of a website, you need to trick the website into believing that you are visiting from the US. You can use Proxify to hide your location from the online store and can view the prices they are hiding from international shoppers.  

Now enter the URL of the online store into Proxify and then choose a US location using the Proxify Satellite. That’s it. Now you are shopping online with a US location. 

Shop Your Favorite Product 

Once you change your location, you can shop from the US-only clearance sales. Choose all your favorite products and shop them at an amazing discount. You can make amazing savings by shopping from these sales. 

International Shipping 

After getting access to US-only clearance sales and shopping, the next question is how you will ship the products to your doorstep? Even though you can see the amazing deals, if you try to check out with your international shipping address, the store will not ship the item overseas.  

So, what is the solution? This is where My Package Forwarder comes into the picture. Get a tax-free package forwarding address from My Package Forwarder and continue your shopping. 

Shop from US-Only Clearance Sales Online with My Package Forwarder 

On some US websites, the US-only clearance sales are available to US shoppers and not to international shoppers. You can use Proxify to shop from these websites at a great discount. Get these parcels to your doorstep using the package forwarding service of My Package Forwarder. Feel free to contact us to know more about our services.

How to Prevent Online Shopping Scams: Effective Tips and Tricks

Smart holiday shopping tips
Smart holiday shopping tips

In the modern-day internet era, it is seamless and simple to visit international online stores, browse through a wide range of goods, and purchase products of your choice. But the ease comes with bigger challenges. One of the biggest issues of online shopping is the security fraud related to it and the major question is how to prevent online shopping scams.  

The ease of using the internet and accessibility has made it easy for a scammer to commit online fraud. Cybercrimes are increasing at a rapid pace. Therefore, it is important to protect ourselves against these occurrences. Here is an article with tips on avoiding online shopping fraud to help you have a safe online shopping experience. 

What is online shopping fraud?  

Before understanding how to prevent online shopping scams, it is better to have a look at what online shopping fraud is.  

Usually, fraud is a form of deception that is criminally illegal. In this, a person uses unfair measures to gain something personally or financially. In online shopping fraud, an organization or a person deceives people through digital payment methods or the purchase conducted over the internet.  

Different types of online shopping fraud include identity theft, phishing, false e-commerce sites, pagejacking, and more. Understanding tips and tricks to avoid these scams can help have a good and secure shopping experience.  

How to Avoid Online Shopping Scams 

Online shopping fraud can happen with anyone, and the chances are even higher when shopping internationally. Therefore, it is better to stay alert when shopping online. Below mentioned are some tips to avoid online shopping scams.  

Double Check the Shopping Website 

One of the biggest tips to follow to avoid online shopping scams is to check that the shopping website from where you are planning to shop is legitimate. Make sure to shop from a website with a registered domain. It can help you decide if the website is credible.  

Another way to check the authenticity of a website is to check the online customer reviews. Google has many reviews for different companies. Checking the reviews is an effective way to check the credibility of a website and business. 

Read the Fine Lines 

If you are still not sure about the website, then read all the fine lines thoroughly. Make sure to understand their return policy, shipping policies, privacy policy, and how refunds are processed properly. Some scammers usually hide the details where customers do not look typically.  

Carefully Share the Sensitive Information 

In order to avoid getting your credit card information and other private information stolen, ensure that the connection between the website and you are encrypted. If the website has “https” in the domain and has an authentic SSL certificate, it means it is safe to share information. Be extra careful with your Social Security Number. If you are buying a simple product then you would not require your social security number.  

Make Sure You Can Easily Contact them 

If you are unsure about the authenticity and legitimacy of a shopping website, try to contact them. Go to their contact page and check if you can reach a real person. If the website does not have a legit physical address, email address, or contact number then you should avoid buying from them.  

Get the Tracking Number of Your Parcel 

If everything about the website seems alright and you decide to purchase a product then make sure to get a tracking number. It will help you to monitor your parcel while it is in transit. It helps to ensure the safe arrival of a package.  

If you are shopping internationally, then make sure to choose a reliable shipping or package forwarding partner. At My Package Forwarder, we ensure the safe packaging and shipping of your parcel. We also provide the tracking number so that you can keep an eye on your parcel.  

Pay Using a Secured Payment Method 

When it comes to prevent online shopping scam, secure payment is a must. While making payment, make sure to pay on a secured page. Moreover, use credit card to make the payment as you may be able to get back the money in case of fraud. Say no to direct money transfers like MoneyGram or Western Union.   

Under the Umbrella 

It is exciting to place an order online while sitting comfortably on your couch. However, the experience can be devastating if a fake seller or scammer takes away your money. In this regard, understanding how to prevent online shopping scams can be helpful for safe and secure shopping. You can avoid getting scammed and all you need to do is make sure to perform basic checks. Moreover, ensure to choose the right package forwarding or shipping partner.  

At My Package Forwarder, we offer the best package forwarding and shipping services. So, make your shopping secure and safe with us. Feel free to contact us to know more about our services.

How to Prepare for Holiday Season Shopping: Smart Holiday Shopping Tips

Smart holiday shopping tips

Whether you love in-store shopping or online shopping, holiday season is the best time for shopping freaks.  November through December is known as the most amazing and busiest shopping months in America as people stock up on discounted items. If you are among those who love taking the advantage of exciting sales and discounts, then this article is for you. Continue reading to know more about time-saving shopping tips.  

Smart Holiday Shopping -Tips 

Holiday season is one of the best times of the year for shopping lovers. It is not only a great time to shop for Americans but the international shopper can also gain the advantage of the shopping season. Here are some tips to organize your shopping plans and navigate to the best deals and offers of the shopping season.  

Make a plan 

If you do not want to get overwhelmed by the holiday shopping season, then it is better to make a plan. It is one of the best smart holiday shopping tips to consider. Making a plan will not only save you time but also a great deal of money.  

  • Set a budget – It is always a good idea to know how much you want to spend on shopping and write it down. Having a budget can help you with the planning process and keep you from overspending.  
  • Make a shopping list – Create a shopping list of all the things that you want to buy and make it early. After setting the budget, you can decide what you want to purchase.  

Do your research 

If you want to prepare yourself properly for the holiday season shopping, it is better to do your comparison research for better deals. Compare your favorite products across different online stores to make sure you save the most. Many US online retailers start promoting the sales 3-4 weeks before the sale to provide the customer with proper time to make their shopping list.  

Browse online stores 

In the contemporary internet age, it is easy to browse multiple stores to find the best deals and products. All you need to do is sit at home and check different sales and offers to get the best deals. Many US stores do not ship internationally, but with My Package Forwarder, you do not have to worry about it. 

Sign up with us, we will give you a US address. You can use it to shop from the online stores. Once the package reaches us, we will ship it to your doorstep. It is one of the best smart holiday shopping tips when it comes to saving money and time.  

Make sure to check shipping times 

Avoid ordering gifts or shopping last minute. Shipping guidelines and timings change during the holiday season due to rush. Therefore, make sure to check the shipping time of products to ensure that they reach you on time.  

Save on shipping costs 

One of the best benefits of US online stores is that they offer free shipping domestically. However, if you are a shopper from a different country, then use our package forwarding service to save more. Send your package to a package forwarder company like My Package Forwarder and we will ship it to your doorstep.   

We can help you save shipping costs by consolidating your multiple packages. If you buy different products, we will repack them for you into one box to help you reduce the overall shipping cost.  

Final Words 

With the right planning and research, you can enjoy smart holiday shopping. Make sure to choose the right package forwarding company like My package Forwarder to make shopping more fun. With our affordable shipping costs, you can save money and shop more. Contact us right now for more details.  

Shop and Save Money with My Package Forwarder

shop and save with My Package Forwarder

Are you a shopaholic by any chance but try and restrict yourself because of the high costs associated with it? Trust us we feel your pain. Therefore, at My Package Forwarder we offer amazing services and discounts to help you shop and save more.  

According to a report published by Statista, 63% of customers abandon their cart due to the excess shipping cost. However, with a package forwarding company like My Package Forwarder, you do not have to do it anymore. We offer the best package forwarding service combined with money-saving deals to make shopping fun for you. 

How My Package Forwarder Can Help You Shop and Save More? 

When it comes to saving money while shipping internationally, a package forwarder company like My Package Forwarder could be all you need. Below mentioned are some of the ways that this service can help you save money while shopping.  

Sales Advantage 

When you sign up on My Package Forwarder, you get a US address which you can use to shop from the online US stores. It lets you take advantage of the upcoming sales and discounts days that are hosted at dozens of shops in the US.  

Shop Easily During Discount Days 

Various stores offer amazing discounts during holidays like Cyber Monday or Black Friday. If you have a US address, you can enjoy shopping during big discount days and cut your shipping costs in an amazing way.  

Shop on Clearance Deals 

The clearance sales that are available only in the US have amazing offers and discounts. Using our package forwarding service, you can shop during clearance sales using your US address and get your parcel at your doorstep at an affordable price.  

Save More Time

Shipping internationally can be a daunting task as it includes a lot of formalities. Moreover, there are more chances of shipping mistakes if you do not pay proper attention. You can eliminate the mistakes or confusion using our package forwarding service. This saves your time and a lot of money due to mistakes.  

Reduce Overall Shipping Costs

By using the package forwarding service of My Package Forwarder, you can easily reduce the overall shipping cost that is usually associated with international orders. If you want to ship multiple orders, you can use our package consolidation service which will reduce your overall shipping cost and help you make more savings.  

Shop with No Sales Tax

People have to pay up to 10.25% sales tax in most of the US states. But in some states like Oregon, New Hampshire, Delaware, and Montana, you do not have to pay any sales tax. Our warehouse is in New Hampshire, so whenever you shop with My Package Forwarder, you do not have to pay the sales tax, which lets you save more.  

Choice to Shop from Dozens of Stores

With a US address, you are free to shop dozens of various online stores in the US which makes it easier for you to track down your favorite items at a perfect price. You may also find products which are not even available in your country. 

Save More Money for Shopping with My Package Forwarder

We strive to make renowned stores in America more accessible and affordable for you. Sign up today with My Package Forwarder to get started and get your US address. Now, what are you waiting for? Shop and save more with us. Have more queries? Feel free to contact us.  

Upcoming Sales: Best Days to Shop from the US Online Stores in 2021

upcoming sales to shop from online US stores

Who does not like sales and big discounts? Getting the best price on favorite products is the dream of every shopper. Knowing the upcoming sales when big brands offer amazing discounts can help you buy everything you want at a significantly low price. The cherry on the cake will be if you know the seasonal items that will likely go on sale during the big sale or holiday sales days.  Continue reading the article to find the best days to shop care-free from your favorite US online stores. 

Major Upcoming Sales Days of America 

While deals and sales happen all time of the year across the vast sea of online retailers; however, some specific days are special. On these amazing days, all the big brands decide to get the attention of their valuable customers by putting on the biggest sales.  

We have made a list of the best online shopping days of the year that you can put in your holiday shopping calendar for 2021 to categorize your buys. 

Martin Luther King Jr. Day  

Celebrated every year in January, it is one of the major holiday sale days in the US. During the long weekend, you can expect sales on beauty, clothing, and home goods.   

President Day  

President’s Day is actually Washington’s birthday and holiday in the US. It is celebrated on the third Monday in February. During the long weekend and holiday shopping time, you can get amazing deals on appliances and mattresses making it perfect for holiday shopping.   

St. Patrick’s Day  

Though it is not a major sale holiday, you can find some interesting deals on this day. St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated every year in March. It is a good time to find amazing deals on Iris-themed jewelry and green gifts.   


Celebrated in April, Easter is one of the important sales days. Stores are quiet on this day, but lead-up days are filled with sales. If you love shopping from US online stores, this is the best time of the year as you can get exciting discounts. You can expect sales on spring attire and accessories. All the big US retailers and brands offer amazing discounts and sales during this time of the year.   

Mother’s Day  

It is another amazing day of discounts and sales on your favorite products. This day is celebrated every year in May, and you can find exciting offers on perfume, jewelry, and other gifts for Mother’s Day.   

Memorial Day  

Celebrated in May, this day is perfect for shopping. The three-day weekend offers plenty of deals on clothing and appliances.   

Father’s Day  

This day is celebrated every year on June 20, and during this time of the year, you can find attractive deals on watches, shoes, wallets, menswear, TVs, and other popular things you can gift your dad.   

Fourth of July  

On Independence Day, you can expect a super amazing weekend of sales. This is the best time to shop from your favorite US online stores and brands, as you can find all you want at the best price.

Amazon Prime Day  

Prime Day is usually celebrated in mid-July and is best to shop from Amazon.  It is like shopping festival for shopping freaks as you can find the best deals on Amazon during this time. 

Tax-Free Weekends  

Many states in the US offer a tax-free weekend every year in August. During this time, sales tax is waived on school supplies, electronics, and clothing. It is the perfect time to shop for summer clothing, school supplies, and laptops.   

Labor Day  

Celebrated every year in September, this day ends the grilling season. Therefore, you can expect discounts on back-to-school supplies, furniture, appliances, and mattresses. It is one of the major upcoming sales of the year.  


Halloween itself is not a big shopping day and another upcoming sales time for shopping lovers. However, during this time of the year, you can find an adequate discount on cozy clothing, including joggers and sweats. In addition to this, October is the best time to buy an old model of iPhones. Apple usually launches its latest phones in September, so you can find exciting discounts on older models in October.   

Black Friday  

This day brings the perfect holiday sale for tech freaks. It is the best time to buy smart home devices, computers, tablets, and smartwatches.   

Cyber Monday  

Celebrated on November 29, this upcoming sales day was actually introduced to compliment eCommerce stores. You can find amazing deals on Google ads, emailers, and banners. Moreover, this day is also known for travel and clothing deals. 

Super Saturday

As Christmas approaches, retailers and online stores start discounting a wide range of products making it the most happening upcoming sales period. The days surrounding Super Saturday are full of last-minute deals, so make sure to keep your cart ready.   

New Year’s Eve  

After Christmas, the New Year’s sales begin from December 26 and last till January 1. It is the best holiday shopping time to shop for winter clothes, accessories, and makeup products.   

Shop on the Best Days with My Package Forwarder  

Many US online retailers do not offer cross-border shipping. But don’t let this restriction stop you from enjoying upcoming sales and shopping from your favorite stores. Sign up on My Package Forwarder, get a US local address and start shopping. Once your packages are delivered to the provided address, we will ship the products to your local address. We offer the best package forwarding service to make shopping fun for you. For more information about our package forwarding service, contact us.   

Best Online Stores in the US to Buy Vegan Cosmetics with My Package Forwarder

shop vegan cosmetics from the best online stores in the US with My Package Forwarder

If you don’t like the idea of wearing dead animal makeup products on your face, then you are at the right place. Here are some of the best online stores in the US to buy vegan cosmetics. Get vegan and top-notch makeup products with My Package Forwarder and enjoy our best package forwarding service.  

In the contemporary fashion-oriented era, consumers are becoming more and more aware of environmental issues. It has increased the demand for vegan makeup products in the market. According to a report published by Statista, the global vegan cosmetics market is expected to grow 6.3 percent a year by 2025.  

Considering the growing demand and craze of vegan cosmetics, various online stores have started offering top-notch vegan products. Continue reading the article to find out the best US online stores for vegan makeup products.  

It may seem like a daunting task to unpack all the ingredients of makeup products to check whether they are free of animal products or not. Luckily, some websites have made it easier for conscious consumers to find the best vegan makeup online that is completely free of all animal products. Here is a list of the best US online stores to purchase vegan makeup and get it to your doorstep with My Package Forwarder.  

Lique Cosmetics 

Lipstick is one of the most important cosmetics and that’s exactly what this amazing vegan cosmetics brand specialises in. The vegan lip colors of Lique Cosmetics are 100% cruelty-free and bang-on-trend. They are free of the nastiest ingredients. No matter, whether you are looking for lip gloss, balm, liner, or lipstick, you will get your perfect shade here.  

Detox Market 

Selling organic beauty products since 2010, this online vegan store is also now one of the best places to purchase vegan makeup. This amazing online store offers effective, pure, and elegant vegan products. It features popular brands like Fitglow, Ere Perez, Alima Pure, Hynt Beauty, and lots more.   

Credo Beauty 

This online vegan cosmetics store is one of the best in the US. They strongly believe that the products that are derived from unsustainable sources should not be used when we have better alternatives. It is the best clean beauty site with a wide range of makeup options. You can find here everything from skincare to hair care and even makeup, too. Credo Beauty is home to popular vegan brands like Kosas, Lily Lilo, CredoCrush, and more. 

True Natural 

This lust-worthy vegan cosmetics store focuses on natural and organic brands. It offers an amazing selection of vegan skincare and cosmetics products. Moreover, it also has its own eponymous brand. It is one of the best places to purchase vegan makeup online. Some of the popular brands that True Natural features include Benecos, Lavera.  


If you love testing out different makeup products, then this is the best online store for you. It allows you to test a wide range of products across different categories including makeup, skincare, body, or haircare. The online store has recently released a limited-edition box named “The Natural Edit” that contains cruelty-free and vegan makeup products. Birchbox offers popular brands like Inika Organic, Inika, Lumene, and more

Shop Guilt-Free from Top Online Vegan Stores with My Package Forwarder 

It is never too late to start using vegan cosmetics. Now that you know about the best vegan makeup online stores in the USA, what are you waiting for? Create your account on My Package Forwarder, get a US address, and enjoy the best package forwarding service. Shop tax-free with us and get your parcel to your doorstep. Have more queries? Feel free to contact us.  

How to Use Package Forwarding Services for International Shopping & Shipping

how to use package forwarding service
how to use package forwarding service

Do you have your heart set on an international brand but cannot shop from it due to delivery restrictions? If yes, you are not alone. 

 Many online stores ship orders to US addresses only, which makes online shopping inconvenient for international shoppers. Overcome all these challenges with My Package Forwarder today. 

My Package Forwarder’s package forwarding service allows you to order as much as you want from online stores in the US and get them delivered to your doorstep, anywhere in the world    

We offer the best package forwarding service in the US to make shopping convenient and accessible for international shoppers. According to a report published by Statista, 36% customers abandon their carts as the orders take forever to ship. However, with us you do not have to face this issue anymore. We deliver your parcel to your doorstep as soon as possible.   

So, let’s get started, shall we? 

How to Use Package Forwarding Services 

If you think package forwarding is enigmatic or a complicated process, you would be mistaken. 

It is like any other shipping service; the only difference is that you get your own US address in this service. You can use this address to shop from your favorite US brands and get the parcels to your doorstep.  

Now you must be thinking how to use package forwarding service? Relax! Here are the simple steps to use a package forwarding service (My Package Forwarder) to shop and ship packages without any worries.   

Start with Creating an Account on My Package Forwarder 

Before you start online shopping and enjoy the advantages of package forwarding, you need a US address. For this, you will have to register and create an account on My Package Forwarder. Cherry on the cake is that you do not have to pay any registration fee for it. Once you sign up, you get a storage address for free, where you can get your package delivered and stored.    

Enjoy Shopping Online and Send the Package to Our Address

After creating an account on My Package Forwarder, let the shopping begin! Shop from your favorite online stores in the US. While checking out, enter the address allocated by us, click, and pay for your order. The best thing is that you do not even have to worry about multiple shipping charges. With our best package forwarding service in US, you have to pay only once to us.  

Request Consolidation Service for More Savings 

Do you know that you can save a ton using package consolidation? Yes, you read it right. This service is highly recommended for people who shop with different retailers. Package consolidation combines different orders into a single, large package. The point of package consolidation is to save on shipping costs. If you are placing multiple orders from different retailers, make sure to use the package consolidation service to save more money.   

Feel Free to Choose Your Carrier and Ship

Usually, package forwarding services are tied with multiple shipping partners.  My Package Forwarder is associated with leading shipping services in the USA. You can choose a shipping method and a delivery partner that best suits your needs and proceed.   

Get Your Package Forwarded Directly to Your Doorstep 

As soon as you choose to ship, we send you a tracking code via email. This allows you to track your parcel throughout its journey. Once you get your order, all we ask from you is a Google review.   

Ensure a Seamless and Hassle-Free International Shopping Experience With My Package Forwarder

Let’s face it, package forwarding isn’t rocket science. To succinctly describe it, all you need to do is create an account on My Package Forwarder, enter the allocated address when shopping, and notify us. We will take care of everything else. Sign up today and get your US address to shop from your favorite stores. For more details, feel free to contact us.


How to Get a US Shipping Address – All You Need to Know

mypackageforwarder services

If you love the ease of shopping online, then you are not alone. According to a report published by Statista, there are around 2.14 billion digital buyers worldwide. The ease of shopping on the internet while sitting at home allows you to buy products that you can’t necessarily find in your locality. 

If you like a product that you cannot purchase without a US shipping address, then don’t lose hope yet. There is a solution for both businesses and individual shoppers alike. If you have a cart loaded with your favorite products that do not ship internationally, then you can get a US shipping address with My Package Forwarder. Here is all you need to know about getting a US shipping address and using it to get your hands on your favorite US online stores.  

What is a US Shipping Address? 

You do not have to be a citizen of the US in order to get the address. If you want to purchase a product from any US store that does not ship internationally, then you can create your US shipping address with the help of My Package Forwarder. 

What is the Need for a US Shipping Address?

There is a wide range of reasons why you may want to have a US shipping address of your own. One of the biggest reasons is that all the US shops do not ship internationally. And, if they do, their international shipping charges are high enough to make a hole in your pocket. This is where a US shipping address comes into the picture.   

Having a US shipping address allows you to have access to US-only sales, or any other discounts that are available only for the local shoppers. If you often ship internationally, an address can help you save time and money.

How to Get a US Shipping Address?

The best way to get an American address is to find a package forwarding company like My Package Forwarder. These companies will give you a US shipping address. You can use this address to purchase products from different US stores and have them delivered to it. The forwarder will then take care of the rest.  

Once the parcel is delivered to the given US address, the forwarder will ship it to you by reshipping the products around the world. All the companies do not ship to every country, therefore, make sure to choose a company that can forward the parcel to your location. My Package Forwarder ships to almost every country across the globe, making us one of the best package forwarding services in the US.  

Get Your US Address for Free with My Package Forwarder 

You can enjoy the perks of shopping online by getting your own US address. All you need to do is sign up at My Package Forwarder and get your address. We offer the best package forwarding service in the US. You can save a ton with our package forwarding service. Have more questions? Feel free to contact us anytime.  

Shop from the Best Sustainable Fashion Online Stores in the USA with My Package Forwarder

Shop from the best sustainable stores with My Package Forwarder

Want to be a conscious consumer but don’t know where to shop? Relax! Check out our list of best sustainable fashion stores online in the USA to find the right products. With My Package Forwarder, you can make tax-free ethical purchases from these stores no matter where you live. Moreover, you can get these ethical products to your doorstep with our best package forwarding services in the US.  

Eco-fashion is certainly becoming the new normal. According to a report published by Statista, 60% of consumers worldwide would prefer sustainable fashion if the price range is similar to normal fashion. Considering the increasing trend and craze of sustainable fashion, almost all the big retailers have started carrying eco-friendly fashion and beauty ranges. Let’s explore the top trending sustainable fashion stores in the USA that are worth shopping from.  

Top Sustainable Fashion Online Stores in the USA

Most of the consumers do not know that apart from the top brands, there are many online stores that are completely dedicated to selling nothing but sustainable and ethical fashion.  

Here are some of the best sustainable fashion stores online from the USA, that either are, or have brands you can trust.  

You can shop from these brands with My Package Forwarder and get the products straight to your doorstep. These labels are almost the opposite of what we call “fast fashion.” In other words, these labels are conscious and it matters the most when it comes to ethical fashion.  

Maison de Mode

Each product at this online store has a symbol stating that it is ethical, sustainable, and fair trade. The whole collection of this store is amazing and is worth giving a shot at. This ethical online store in the USA hosts popular brands like AMUR, Misha Nonoo, CIenne, and more.  

Amour Vert

If you are looking for ethical fashion with classic vibes for all ages, then Amour Vert is a must-try for you. Amour Vert offers a wide range of products including tees, jeans, shorts, undies, and tops made of natural dyes and 100% pure organic cotton. It hosts brands like BeGood, Veja, and AV Essentials. Moreover, it also has its own label with top-notch ethical fashion products.  

Accompany the US

Want something with an entirely ethical anthropologie? If yes, then Accompany the US is the ideal online store for you. Everything at this store is ethical, fair trade, or philanthropic. This store is best for accessories as they have an amazing collection of ethical hats, jewelry, and bags. If you have philanthropy on your mind, this one is a perfect pick for you.  

Conscious at Browns

When it comes to the top ethical fashion online stores in the USA, Conscious at Browns is one of the best. It is dedicated to being the leading source of the entire world for ethical fashion. Conscious at Browns is home to brands like Stella McCartney, Reformation, Duran Latnik, and Veja. It is a perfect pick for eco-fashionistas who have an eye for high fashion.

EcoLuxe Fashion

This one is a new ethical fashion platform; however, it ensures that all sizes are catered adequately. It offers a wide range of sustainable brands in sizes from XS to XXL. This store gives a perfect vibe by combining high tech with sustainable fashion. It works with labels like Kotn, PACT, Rachel Pally, and more.  

Get Your Hands on Ethical Fashion with My Package Forwarder

If you want to shift your wardrobe collection from fast fashion to ethical, then shop from the top ethical fashion online stores in the US with My Package Forwarder. You can shop tax-free with us and enjoy our fast, reliable, and best package forwarding services. Now, what are you waiting for? Create a free account on My Package Forwarder and let the ethical shopping begin. Have more questions? Contact us.  

How to Choose the Best Package Forwarding Service? 

tips to choose the best package forwarding service
tips to choose the best package forwarding service

If you search on Google about the package forwarding services, you will be bombarded with a huge range of options. Looking at all the options, the first question that comes to mind is how to choose the best package forwarding service?  

The global market of package forwarding is growing rapidly. According to a report published by Statista, in 2020 the global freight forwarding market amounted to around 161 billion euros and is expected to grow to 207 billion euros by 2025.  It means there are many new entrants in the market offering package forwarding services, making it difficult to find the best ones. Here you will get insights into the factors that you need to consider when choosing the best package forwarding services.  

Types of Products You Want to Ship

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing the package forwarding service is the products that you want to ship. When looking for packaging and shipping services, carefully check the sizes, weights, and shapes of the parcels they handle. It will help you to decide whether the service provider is right for your parcels or not.  

Different companies follow different policies related to parcel forwarding. Moreover, companies are also specific with the parcels they ship and the ones they do not ship. So, make sure to check their policies before choosing the company. 

My Package Forwarder is the best when it comes to shipping different types of parcels. We ship almost all the products except the ones that can be hazardous. Check the types of products we do not ship to be extra sure about our services.  

Check the Shipping Rates 

The cost of the shipment is an essential factor that will help to choose the service provider. Different service providers offer different prices according to the dimensions of the parcels. At My Package Forwarder, our main aim is to make shopping easy and accessible for our customers. Therefore, we offer the best prices. Moreover, we have a cost calculator on our website that can help you to find out the estimated shipping price.  

Check the Services Offered 

Every industry has a specific set of requirements for international shopping. When choosing the parcel forwarding service, ensure that it offers all services you need. The more services a company offers, the smoother is the process of package forwarding. Make sure to check for the below-mentioned services when choosing a company.  

  • Tracking services 
  • Package consolidation 
  • Preparation of transportation documents 
  • Customs clearance 
  • Carrier options 

Reliable Tracking Services

Once your parcel is shipped, you will want to track it. And, what if your chosen service provider does not offer tracking service? It can be really annoying. Therefore, it is better to opt for a service provider which offers tracking services. It allows you to track your parcel until it reaches your doorstep.  

When you choose My Package Forwarder, we provide you a tracking code to keep an eye on your parcel throughout its journey.  

Worldwide Services

When choosing a parcel forwarding service, opt for the one with global agents. The way your parcels are handled and managed from the source to the target destination depends on the parcel forwarder. International delivery requires a lot of logistics, and therefore, it is important to choose a company with an amazing network of global agents.  

Delivery Time

A good package forwarding company is one that keeps its words and sticks to its promises on matters related to delivery schedules. Make sure to choose a company that is responsible enough to assure on-time delivery of parcels to the target destination.  

In most cases, companies provide you an estimated delivery time, and your products are delivered within that time period. At My Package Forwarder, we understand the importance of on-time delivery. Therefore, we ensure to deliver the parcels on the determined time for a hassle-free shopping experience.  

Industry Experience

When it comes to international package forwarding, experience matters a lot. The expertise of the company in the forwarding industry determines how it can handle warehousing, customs, port shutdowns, cargo reroutes, and dock worker strikes.  

These potential issues often occur in international shipping. If a company has adequate experience, it can easily handle these issues. 

Customer Services

Just like any other industry, customer service is an essential part of the forwarding industry also. Choose a company that offers top-notch customer service round the clock. Good customer service is important, especially when it comes to shopping from US stores.  

Excellent customer service can help you clear all your doubts and any issues you face during the package forwarding process. The lines of communication of the selected company should be open 24*7, and their level of responsiveness should be courteous.  


When it comes to package shipment, there is no guarantee that your products will reach in good condition or at the right destination. No matter what type of product you want to ship, it is recommended to choose a service provider that offers damage insurance. Knowing that your goods are covered in case of anything wrong allows you to have peace of mind.  

Enjoy Shopping with My Package Forwarder for a Hassle-Free Experience 

Choosing a parcel forwarding service can be a daunting task. Whether you are a veteran or newbie to the forwarding industry, make sure to choose a reliable package forwarding company. Do not forget to check their experience and expertise in the forwarding industry.  

At My Package Forwarder, we offer the best forwarding services for shoppers who want to shop from US online stores. We have the best customer service and expertise in the industry. If you have any queries, feel free to contact us.